The quintessential view of Tikal: temple 4 with green grass and blue skies

Wandering through gigantic, ancient ruins while being surrounded by trees the size of skyscrapers and the their inhabitants peering down upon you, is kind of what going to the jungle is all about. This is also the essence of Tikal.

Tikal, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza are by far the most famous ruins in the "New World". Sadly Maximum Adventure Tours neither goes to Mexico nor Peru, but we do go to Guatemala. On the Tikal tour, we'll take you from San Ignacio to the border, make sure everything goes well at the border, get you to Tikal and the same on the way back. If you want to do the overnight trip there's an all inclusive option that is well, all inclusive. If you want to go to Tikal and come back this is your easiest option. If you want to go by yourself you'll have to catch a bus to Benque, a taxi to the border a collectivo to El Remate and another to Tikal. If you haven't been there before, there are no signs and you will most likely get lost on the way.

The Day Trip

This tour typically leaves at 7am. It's just about two and a half hours to Tikal from San Ignacio, Belize. It may seem like quite a lot of driving to see a ruin, but it's totally worth it. The basic tour takes around 3 hrs and usually goes to temple 4, 5, 3, 2, 1, the northern acropolis, the central acropolis and "El Mundo Perdito" which is a jungly walk to an astrological plaza used for charting the Sun. If you can manage to stop looking at the ruins, there's quite a bit of jungle life around Tikal. Some of the regulars are: spider monkeys, howler monkeys, 3 kinds of toucan (collared, emerald, keel-billed), agoutis, ocellated turkeys, parrots, falcons and the list goes on and on. There are reasons Tikal is famous.

Tikal Overnight

The Tikal All Inclusive Tour is exactly that. You'll get to see Tikal at times most others never will. It all starts around 12pm in San Ignacio Belize. You'll meet up at Maximum Adventure Tours, head off to Guatemala and you can expect to arrive around 3pm. When you get there, you'll drop your things at the cabanas and head straight for the best Mayan ruins in Central America - Tikal.

Tikal Sunset Tour - This Tour starts in the late afternoon and takes you on a trip through the Central Plaza, the Northern Acropolis, the Southern Acropolis, Temple 3, Temple 1, Temple 2, Complex Q, Complex R, Complex O, and finally to Temple 4 for the Sunset.

After you get back from the Sunset tour you'll head back for a great local dinner at the Tikal Inn. After a great nights sleep its time for the Tikal Sunrise Tour. It's starts early, you have been warned.

Tikal Sunrise Tour - This tour starts with watching the sunrise from Temple 4 then it's off to the Astronomical Observatory, the Lost World, Temple 5 and you swing by the Purification Chamber on the way back.

After you finish up the Tikal Sunset tour, you'll head back to San Ignacio, Belize. You'll arrive back in town around 12pm at the Maximum Adventure Tours office on Burns Ave.

The Price Tag
  • Day - 145us pp - min 2 people
  • Includes round trip transport, entrance fee to site, lunch and guided tour
  • Overnight - 352us pp - min 2 people
  • Includes round trip transportation, hotel, meals, entrance fees and 2 guided tours (sunset and sunrise tours)

What You Need to Bring

  • camera
  • passport
  • water bottle
  • overnight things
  • sturdy footwear
  • extra snacks (optional)