A young lady zip-lining in Guatemala

Zip-lining is an awesome experience that not a whole lot of people have experienced. The way it works is that you get connected to a steal cable by a harness and you fly over the tops of trees and through rainforest canopies. It's not a single run but rather a series of platforms and cables. For instance the one at Jaguar Paw in Belize has 7 platforms and waiting at each one is a guide/helper, who will help you stop, or what ever you might need. The courses are absolutely amazing. Most Zip-lining courses are set up to be doable by people of a variety of ages. The youngest you can do the courses is around 8.

Jaguar Paw - Belize

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Tikal Canopy Tours - Guatemala

Zip-lining in Guatemala in a bikini

Tikal Canopy Tours has two Zip-line courses to choose from. The first of which was installed by engineers from Costa Rica and is about a 20 minutes hike through the jungle from the main office. It is a full mile in length, has ten platforms, is 25 meters high and you'll reach speeds of around 25mph/40Km.

The second canopy is designed for people with less time. It starts much closer to the parking area and is taller faster and only has nine platform. The runs between trees are around 660ft/200m.

The whole area around Tikal is full of life. Some of what you'll see on the Tikal Canopy Tour includes spider monkeys, howler monkeys and a variety of birds.

The Price Tag
  • Zip-Line & Cave Tubing - 125us pp - min 2 people
  • Tikal tour & Zip-Line - 180us pp - min 2 people
  • Includes Transportation, lunch, tour, entrance fees, border fees, coffee, tamale, cookies and Gear

What you need to bring

  • sturdy footwear
  • extra snacks if you want them